Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Air Medical Today™ Episode 28 - February 11, 2020 - EPNetwork

Episode 28 - An interview of Dr. Dan Hankins, who before retiring 3 years ago, was the Medical Director for Gold Cross Ambulance and Mayo One Air Ambulance now all called Mayo Ambulance. He also just completed a three-year appointment as the Public Representative on the board of the Association of Air Medical Services. Dr. Hankins also served as the AAMS President, now called Chair, from 2009-2011.

Dan Hankins, MD

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An interview of Dr. Dan Hankins, who before retiring 3 years ago, was the Medical Director for Gold Cross Ambulance and Mayo One Air Ambulance now all called Mayo Ambulance. He also just completed a three-year appointment as the Public Representative on the board of the Association of Air Medical Services. Dr. Hankins also served as the AAMS President, now called Chair, from 2009-2011.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Air Medical Today™ Episode 27 - EPNetwork

Episode 27 of the Air Medical Today Podcast for May 7, 2011 has been published.  In this episode I interview Mr. Rex Alexander, who is a consultant specializing in safety training related to the air medical and helicopter industry.

Rex is currently the Regional Operations Manager for the Central United States for Omniflight Helicopters, Inc.  He has worked in multiple capacities over the 16 years he has been with Omniflight, including pilot, safety manager, and base manager.  He serves on the board of directors for the National EMS Pilots Association as the President and served as the President of the Indiana Association of Air Medical Services for five years.

Rex owns and operates his own company called RJ Alexander Consulting, L.L.C. specializing in consulting and training directly related to the air medical, safety and helicopter industries.  He currently sits on the Helicopter Association International’s Air Medical Committee and Helipad Committee and is a member of the National Fire Protection Association committee for helipad design.

Rex has lectured throughout the United States to multiple air-medical, fire, EMS, and law enforcement agencies on a wide range of aviation and safety topics.  He is an alumnus of Parks College of Engineering Aviation, and Technology of Saint Louis University, from where he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Maintenance and Management.  He is a licensed commercial helicopter pilot and a certified airframe and power-plant technician.

Rex is a former member of the United States Military, serving worldwide as an Aero-Scout instructor pilot for eleven years with the U.S. Army both on active duty and in the Indiana National Guard.  He and his wife Cindy live in Fort Wayne, Indiana with their three children.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birkie Web Today Episode 10 - EPNetwork

Episode 10 of the Birkie Web Today Podcast has published.  In this episode I interview Dave Mathews, who is a long-time bicyclist and found Nordic skiing as a great winter activity while living in Omaha, Nebraska in 1982. He is an active member of the Kansas City Nordic Ski Club.

Dave, who lives in Prairie Village, Kansas which is a suburb of Kansas City, has been bicycling for 35 + years.  He has been a long-time member of the Kansas City Bicycle Club, serving as a past club president and chairman of racing.  Dave races in several road and cyclecross and sometimes mountain biking events each year.

He is a Civil Engineer with the US Army Corps of Engineers and graduated from Iowa State University and the University of California Berkeley with both degrees in civil Engineering.  Dave began Nordic skiing while living in Omaha, Nebraska and has completed eight Birkie and two Kortelopet races as well as three City of Lakes Loppett races as a classic skier.  He is an active member of the Kansas City Nordic Ski Club.

In the podcast Dave shares his secrets to staying in shape for skiing the Birkie when there is not much on-snow time.  Something many Birkie skiers face.

Air Medical Today Episode 26 - EPNetwork

Episode 26 of the Air Medical Today Podcast for December 18, 2010 has been published.  In this episode I interview Dr. Mike Abernethy, the Chief Flight Physician with University of Wisconsin Med Flight Program and an associate professor with the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

Dr. Abernethy is one of the few physicians in the country who works on a regular basis as a flight physician.  His passion is taking care of critically ill patients in diverse and even sometimes hostile environments.  This interest in EMS started in his early teen years with the TV program “Emergency” and  is still strong over 40 years later.

While pursuing a college education at The Ohio State University he became an EMT and also joined the national guard with a helicopter aviation unit.  After several career changes, he ended up in medical school at the University of Cincinnati.   Mike completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Chicago where he was the first chief aeromedical resident for the University of Chicago Aeromedical Network.

He has worked as a flight physician with the University of Wisconsin Med Flight program since 1992 and has been the chief flight physician for the last two years.  Dr. Abernathy is on faculty of the University of Wisconsin Emergency Medicine Residency Program where he says he is helping to train the next generation of emergency physicians.  He is also a member of the board of directors for the Air Medical Physicians Association.

Mike has worked in almost every aspect of the Helicopter EMS industry.  He has been a referring community physician, receiving trauma center physician, ground EMT, and the medical director for several ground ambulance and helicopter EMS programs.  With over 21 years and several thousand patient transports, he is one of the most experienced flight physicians in the United States.  This gives Dr. Abernathy a very unique prospective on prehospital care which includes to this day 7-10 helicopter shifts a month.

Dr. Abernethy’s opinions are from his viewpoint as both an experienced Emergency Medicine physician and prehospital care provider.  He knows very well that the real life medicine “in the ditch” can be very different than anything found in protocols and/or textbooks.  He is a well known speaker at many regional and national  Emergency Medicine and EMS conferences.  His publications and lectures on Helicopter EMS standards and utilization are a frequent source of controversy within the EMS community.

Mike is quoted as saying “There are countless great things about the HEMS industry, but it is also fraught with significant problems. Someone has to stand up and point out that the emperor has no clothes. I have no problem doing that. The bottom line is I care deeply about  HEMS  and its reputation. I also want the most appropriate, safe  and quality care for all prehospital patients.”

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Air Medical Today Episode 25 - EPNetwork

Episode 25 of the Air Medical Today Podcast for November 14, 2010 has been published.  In this episode I interview Dr. Bryan Bledsoe, an emergency physician, researcher, and EMS author.  Due to the potential controversy with the interview I also asked a number of individuals from our entire air medical community what questions they would ask Dr. Bledsoe.  I incorporated some of the questions into the interview and thank them for their time in sending them to me, as it was much appreciated.

Dr. Bryan E. Bledsoe, DO, FACEP, FAAEM, EMT-P is an emergency physician and EMS author from Midlothian, Texas. He entered EMS in 1974 as an EMT and attended one of the first paramedic programs in north Texas.  He worked for several years in Fort Worth as a paramedic and went on to become an EMS Instructor and Coordinator.  Bryan has his Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Texas and his Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine from the University of North Texas.  He completed a residency at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and at Scott and White Memorial Hospital/Texas A&M College of Medicine. He is board-certified in emergency medicine and holds medical licenses in both Texas and Nevada

Dr. Bledsoe has served as the Medical Director for two hospital emergency departments as well as for EMS agencies in north Texas. He is the author of numerous EMS textbooks including: Paramedic Care: Principles & Practice, Paramedic Emergency Care, Prehospital Emergency Pharmacology, Anatomy and Physiology for Emergency Care, and many others.  He is a frequent contributor to EMS magazines and presenter at national and international EMS conferences.  Dr. Bledsoe is often interviewed by the national media including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams as well as regional papers and media outlets.

Dr. Bledsoe is Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, at the University of Nevada School of Medicine and the Department of Emergency Medicine at University Medical Center in Las Vegas.  He is co-chair of the Curriculum and Evaluation Board (CEB) for the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida.

Dr. Bledsoe was recently named a "Hero of Emergency Medicine" by the American College of Emergency Physicians as part of their 40th anniversary celebration.  He was also named a "Hero of Health and Fitness" by Men's Health magazine in November of 2008 as part of their 20th Anniversary issue.  He is married and lives in Midlothian, Texas as well as Las Vegas, Nevada.  He enjoys salt-water fishing.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Air Medical Today Episode 24 - EPNetwork

Episode 24 of the Air Medical Today Podcast for October 30, 2010 has been published.  This episode is a bit different than previous ones, as I have recorded a number of the Past Presidents of the Association of Air Medical Services. Through their own voices you will hear some of the critical issues, challenges, and accomplishments during their presidential tenure.  This podcast is being done in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of AAMS and includes a fun quiz on the history of the association that includes prizes.

Through my work with the AAMS Communications and Public Relations Committee we had helped the staff in planning some of the activities for the association’s 30th Anniversary this year.  I volunteered to record the voices of the past presidents of the association so that listeners can hear from them in their own words.  This has been a really fun project because I got to meet and talk to many of the past presidents that I did not know or did not know very well.  Pictured on the left on Sunday, October 11, 2010 at the Air Medical Transport Conference from left to right are, Back Row: Dan Reich, Jim Smith, Greg Powell, and Tom Judge and Front Row: Ed Eroe, Ford Kyes, Connie Eastlee, Denise Landis, Sandy Kinkade, and Dan Hankins.

With the help of the AAMS staff and others in locating everyone we still were not able to contact all the past presidents but I know you will still enjoy hearing many of the ones that are included.  Pictured to the left on Monday, October 12, 2010 outside the Exhibit Hall at the Air Medical Transport Conference are from left to right, Connie Eastlee, Dan Reich, Denise Landis, Frank Thomas, Dan Hankins, Jim Smith, Sandy Kinkade, and Ed Eroe.  Both pictures were taken by Mark Mennie.

The Past Presidents of AAMS that are heard in the podcast include the following in chronological order by the year they were president:

Joe Tye
Karl Gills
Dan Reich
Jim Smith
Frank Thomas
Don Stamper
Ford Kyes
Connie Eastlee
Denise Landis
Greg Powell
Tom Judge
Ed Eroe
Sandy Kinkade
Dan Hankins

A Survey Monkey Quiz of AAMS History can be found at this link: AAMS Survey Monkey Quiz.  The first four individuals that answer all the questions correctly will receive a gift certificate from RoadID who is sponsoring the quiz.  RoadID is trying to get the word out to all EMS and Pre-Hospital Personnel so that we are all aware of cyclists, skiers, runners, and other athletes wearing their identification for which you can obtain very helpful personal and medical information.  For information on their many safety related products go to  A big thanks to RoadID for providing the gift certificates for the quiz!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Air Medical Today Episode 23 - EPNetwork

Episode 23 of the Air Medical Today Podcast has been published.  In this episode I interview Doctor David M. Lam, Adjunct Associate Professor at the Center for Trauma and Anesthesiology Research at the University of Maryland School of Medicine who talks about his 30 years of research on the history of air medicine.  There are also interviews of Dawn Mancuso and Jonathan Godfrey on the Air Medical Transport Conference and Vision Zero in the First Response section.

Dr Lam attended Carleton College, in Northfield, Minnesota, where he received a BA in Government and International Relations.  He received his MD degree from the University of Minnesota in 1972, and also earned a Masters Degree in Public Health from the University of Texas.

He is Board-certified as a specialist in Aerospace Medicine, and is a Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American College of Physician Executives. David has also been elected as an Academician of the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine.  He is licensed/registered as a physician both in the United States in Alaska and in the United Kingdom.

Colonel Lam was commissioned in the United States Army in 1971 and served in a wide variety of assignments, including one tour in Korea, two in Alaska, and two in Germany, in addition to his last military assignment at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.  He served in many clinical, staff, and command positions throughout his career, including as commander of 3 hospitals, Corps Surgeon, Research Area Director, Surgeon for a Joint Task Force in combat, and additionally as Task Force Surgeon for U.S. humanitarian operations in Rwanda and Zaire.

Dr. Lam’s final military assignment was as Medical Staff Officer at NATO Headquarters.  He served for an unprecedented 5 years at the request of the NATO medical community and was the impetus for some of the greatest changes in Alliance medical doctrine since its creation.

David retired from the active Army on July 1, 2001, and now serves as Adjunct Associate Professor at the Center for Trauma and Anesthesiology Research of the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He has been seconded to the U.S. Army Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center  in Ft. Detrick, Maryland where he serves as the European Liaison Officer, responsible for maintaining links to researchers in Europe, including with the NATO Medical Community, the European Space Agency, and the European Commission.

He works primarily in the areas of telemedicine standardisation, project development, and deployment of systems, mostly in the NATO and Partnership For Peace nations. He serves as the Secretary for the NATO Telemedicine Expert Team, which is charged with developing policies and procedures which will enhance the multinational interoperability of Telemedicine systems in a multinational operational environment.  Additionally, he serves on several other Research Task Groups for the NATO Research and Technology Organisation, including one on the use of Unpiloted Aerial Vehicles for Casualty Evacuation.  He and his wife have lived in Brussels, Belgium, for 15 years.  They have two children and four grandchildren.

Starting as a young Flight Surgeon in the Army, is when he first became involved in Aeromedical evacuation and has been fascinated with the complex history of the development of Aeromedical evacuation ever since.  He has been researching and writing on this subject for more than 30 years, and is now considered one of the world’s foremost experts on this subject.  His current project is research for a biography of Mademoiselle Marie Marvingt of France, who has been described as “The Godmother of Medical Aviation”, and who was the first certified Flight Nurse.

Dawn Mancuso, Executive Director of the Association of Air Medical Services provides an update on the upcoming Air Medical Transport Conference being held October 11-14 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida including the 30th Anniversary activities.

Jonathan Godfrey provides an update on AAMS Vision Zero activities including events at the Air Medical Transport Conference.

All EMS Staff should be aware of RoadID and be sure to look for it when treating cyclists, skiers, runners, and other athletes.  RoadID is an excellent source of personal and medical information.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Air Medical Today Episode 22 - EPNetwork

Episode 22 of the Air Medical Today Podcast has been published.  In this episode I interview Scott Kunkel, a paramedic, flight nurse, and an air medical executive who will be talking about Updates on New Developments in EMS and Their Impact on Air Medical Services  There is also an update on three recent air medical transport crashes and a First Response Interview of Edward Wimmer and P.J. Rabice the Co-Founder and Director of Marketing Respectively for RoadID.

Scott Kunkel has been involved in transport medicine for the past twenty three years and has worked for a variety of organizations in both clinical and leadership positions.  His experience includes pre-hospital emergency ALS, critical care ground transport, and rotor wing and fixed wing air medical transport.  Scott holds a MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree.  He is a Certified Medical Transport Executive, Certified Flight Registered Nurse, and Flight Paramedic-Certified.

Scott is currently employed with air medical organizations in Ohio and Michigan.  He is a site surveyor for the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems and maintains memberships in the American College of Healthcare Executives, The Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development through the American Hospital Association, and a number of clinical associations. 

Scott is an item writer for the Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification and is a member of the Advisory Board for RSQ911 Solutions LLC, an organization that is dedicated to improving service and operational performance of critical care transport providers.  Scott hales from Toledo, Ohio and currently is residing in Medina, Ohio.

Edward Wimmer is the 32 year old Co-Founder of Road ID which was started with his father, Mike Wimmer, out of his dad's basement. As the de facto CEO of Road ID, he oversees all of the day-to-day operations of the company while focusing on their long-range initiatives and budgeting.

P.J. Rabice is the 37 yr old Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Road ID.  He spends the majority of his time managing the advertising and PR agencies as the company identifies new opportunities for growth, overseeing the company's social media presence, and working with their brand ambassadors. Prior to coming to Road ID he worked for a sports marketing agency as Account Director.

This recording was done as part of the Kansas Cyclist Podcast, which I do in collaboration with Randy Rasa the webmaster for the website.  I wanted to play a portion of their interview because Edward and P.J. are trying to get the word out to EMS agencies about looking for the RoadID Identification on athletes that they may need to treat.  RoadID provides important health and emergency information and I have personally been a user and promotor of their product for 2 years now.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kansas Cyclist Podcast Episode 21 - and EPNetwork

Episode 21 of the Kansas Cyclist Podcast for June 15, 2010 includes an interview of Andy Clarke who is the president of the of the League of American Bicyclists.  We also, catch up with a few cyclists that are Biking Across Kansas during their tour, and finally we talk with the folks at RoadID about their personal identification products for cyclists.

Andy Clarke has more than 25 years of experience in cycling advocacy. He is currently the president of the League of American Bicyclists, whose mission is to promote bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation and work through advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America. His past experience includes stints at the Rails to Trails Conservancy, the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals, the Bicycle Federation of America (now the National Center for Bicycling and Walking), and as a consultant to the Federal Highway Administration.

Andy’s passion for cycling started when he was growing up in England, and has stayed with him through hundreds of thousands of miles of cycling on four continents. He is recognized as a policy expert on almost every aspect of bicycling, and still enjoys a tough climb on his Trek touring bike better than anything else.

After the Bike League released their recent Bicycle Friendly State rankings, in which Kansas made a huge leap, from the 33rd most bike-friendly state, to the 13th. Although this was great news for bicycling in Kansas, we were frankly a bit puzzled by the big jump.
Andy fills us in on how the Bicycle Friendly State program works, as well as the related programs such as Bicycle Friendly Communities and Bicycle Friendly Businesses. We also discuss the League Cycling Instructor (LCI) program, which offers instructors and classes to help people ride their bikes safely and confidently on our roadways.

This is a fascinating discussion, and not just the details about how the programs work, but the larger picture, of how America as a whole is moving toward becoming a much better place to ride our bikes. This is an exciting time!
Rabice and Edward Wimmer of Road ID

We’d like to welcome RoadID aboard as the latest sponsor of the Kansas Cyclist Podcast. In this episode we talk with RoadID co-founder Edward Wimmer (shown on the right) and Director of Marketing P.J. Rabice (left) about the RoadID a product line, how the company was started, and how their products benefit cyclists, runners, and other athletes.

RoadID is an innovative personal identification product that you wear around your wrist, around your neck, or attached to a shoe. In the event of an accident, if you can’t speak for yourself, your RoadID will. It contains all the information first responders, such as police and EMS, need to get you the medical attention you need, and to contact your loved ones.

RoadID has kindly provided gift certificates, which we’ll be passing along to podcast listeners in the coming months. We’re still working out the details, so stay tuned to upcoming episodes.  In the meantime, check out the RoadID product line, which includes not just the wearable identification, but safety accessories such as lighting and reflective products, as well as RoadID apparel.

Both Randy and Ed, co-hosts of the Kansas Cyclist Podcast, have been RoadID customers for a long time, and neither of us will go for a ride without this critical piece of safety equipment. We think it’s that important.

The Biking Across Kansas tour wrapped up their week-long ride across the Sunflower state last weekend, and the podcast team got the chance to ride along for part of one day. In our “On The Scene” segment, we check in with BAK riders Mark and David Rainey, Robert Garcia, and Tim Oberle and let them share a bit about their experiences on the tour.

Pictured left to right are Robert Garcia, Tim Oberle, Randy Rasa, Mark Rainey, David Rainey, and Ed Eroe

This post is copied and adopted from Randy Rasa's Show Notes for Episode 21 of the Kansas Cyclist Podcast. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Air Medical Today Episode 21 - EPNetwork

Episode 21 of the Air Medical Today Podcast has been published.  In this episode I interview Tammy Chatman, who is the Professional Relations/Marketing Manager and Public Information Officer for the Flight For Life Transport System's McHenry, Illinois base who will be talking about  Public Relations and Marketing.  There is also an update on the CareFlite crash on June 2, 2010.

Tammy has 20 years experience in the air medical industry as a Professional Relations/Marketing Manager and Public Information Officer for the Flight For Life Transport System's McHenry, Illinois base.  She is the vice chair of the AAMS Communications and Public Relations Committee and the Region 5 Director of the National Information Officers Association.

Tammy has presented on local, regional and national level on topics ranging from helicopter safety, post accident/incident planning, to patient/family advocacy.  In 2006 she authored the chapter on "Post Accident/Incident Planning" for Principles and Direction of Air Medical Transport.

Tammy graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with a bachelor of science degree in 1981 and obtained her CMTE from the Medical Transport Leadership Institute in 2008.  She lives in Eagle, WI with her horse Dante and dog Cyrus.  Tammy travels to the Western United States to hike and snowshoe any time the opportunity arises.