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Monday, April 25, 2022

Air Medical Today™ Episode 43 - April 19, 2022 EPNetwork

Episode 43 - MTLI: Past, Present, and Future. This is a special podcast where I have the pleasure to welcome ten individuals who have been involved with the Medical Transport Leadership Institute, or MTLI, over the years. We are doing this show as part of the 25th Anniversary of the genesis of MTLI and the week before classes begin that will produce the 24th graduating class of Certified Medical Transport Executives or CMTEs.

The speakers introduce themselves and will talk about each of the subject areas in the following order. There is also a special group session at the end.

The speakers are:

Bill Koegler - Oglebay Foundation History
Dawn Mancuso - Idea for MTLI from the Campground Association
Denise Landis - Start of MTLI and Initial Regents
Craig Yale - Initial Classes and Features that have Remained Consistent
Connie Eastlee - Graduate Program
Ed Marasco - Politics, Change, and Transition
Tom Allenstein - Curriculum Changes and Innovation
Jared Sherman - Capstone Program
Tom Liebman - Adapting to Changing Air Medical Industry, COVID-19, and MTLI Future
Cameron Curtis - AAMS Perspective

Please watch the Video version of this podcast, as you get to not only hear, but see some of the individuals that built this school and who carry on the tradition today.


Listen to the Audio Podcast Here: Air Medical Today™ Episode 43

Watch the Video Podcast Here: Air Medical Today™ Episode 43


All MTLI Regents and Instructors as of April 2022 :






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