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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Air Medical Today Episode 24 - EPNetwork

Episode 24 of the Air Medical Today Podcast for October 30, 2010 has been published.  This episode is a bit different than previous ones, as I have recorded a number of the Past Presidents of the Association of Air Medical Services. Through their own voices you will hear some of the critical issues, challenges, and accomplishments during their presidential tenure.  This podcast is being done in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of AAMS and includes a fun quiz on the history of the association that includes prizes.

Through my work with the AAMS Communications and Public Relations Committee we had helped the staff in planning some of the activities for the association’s 30th Anniversary this year.  I volunteered to record the voices of the past presidents of the association so that listeners can hear from them in their own words.  This has been a really fun project because I got to meet and talk to many of the past presidents that I did not know or did not know very well.  Pictured on the left on Sunday, October 11, 2010 at the Air Medical Transport Conference from left to right are, Back Row: Dan Reich, Jim Smith, Greg Powell, and Tom Judge and Front Row: Ed Eroe, Ford Kyes, Connie Eastlee, Denise Landis, Sandy Kinkade, and Dan Hankins.

With the help of the AAMS staff and others in locating everyone we still were not able to contact all the past presidents but I know you will still enjoy hearing many of the ones that are included.  Pictured to the left on Monday, October 12, 2010 outside the Exhibit Hall at the Air Medical Transport Conference are from left to right, Connie Eastlee, Dan Reich, Denise Landis, Frank Thomas, Dan Hankins, Jim Smith, Sandy Kinkade, and Ed Eroe.  Both pictures were taken by Mark Mennie.

The Past Presidents of AAMS that are heard in the podcast include the following in chronological order by the year they were president:

Joe Tye
Karl Gills
Dan Reich
Jim Smith
Frank Thomas
Don Stamper
Ford Kyes
Connie Eastlee
Denise Landis
Greg Powell
Tom Judge
Ed Eroe
Sandy Kinkade
Dan Hankins

A Survey Monkey Quiz of AAMS History can be found at this link: AAMS Survey Monkey Quiz.  The first four individuals that answer all the questions correctly will receive a gift certificate from RoadID who is sponsoring the quiz.  RoadID is trying to get the word out to all EMS and Pre-Hospital Personnel so that we are all aware of cyclists, skiers, runners, and other athletes wearing their identification for which you can obtain very helpful personal and medical information.  For information on their many safety related products go to RoadID.com.  A big thanks to RoadID for providing the gift certificates for the quiz!